Gamification is the application of game theory or elements of game design to other types of activities or endeavors. It involves concepts like goals, achievements, points, streaks, collaboration, competition, leveling up, positive feedback loops, curiosity, and interesting decisions. Gamification is commonly used in areas like customer loyalty programs, employee loyalty or management systems, billing, marketing, training, recruitment, and more.

Proper and effective use of gamification requires skill, experience, and expertise. It involves far more than just slapping some badges or point systems onto an existing business. One must know why they are using gamification, what their goals are, how their customers might use it, and how to implement it effectively. Poor gamification can actually alienate customers or negatively impact business processes.

When used properly, gamification can be utilized to:

  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Increase customer spending.
  • Improve reliability and timeliness of clients paying invoices.
  • Turn customers into evangelists for your business.
  • Create a barrier to entry for competitors.
  • Increase employee loyalty.
  • Improve employee efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Microtransactions/F2P (Free-to-Play) is a business model where certain aspects of the product or service are provided for free, and monetization happens through premium content, additional features or services, or add-ons. This focus area includes Virtual Currencies which can be used as part of a customer or employee loyalty program or in highly effective marketing campaigns, for example.

Video game companies make heavy use of the F2P business model, but many of its principles can be utilized by other businesses as well.

Ecommerce retail sales are estimated to hit $4.9 trillion by 2021. That is a 265% growth rate from 2014. If your business is not already selling its products or services online, it should be. If you are already selling online, we may be able to help you improve performance in this area using our nearly 30 years of experience selling goods and services online. 

Our team began using ecommerce before it was called ecommerce in 1991. Since then, we've seen it evolve and change dramatically. We've watched trends come and go, return, and sometimes be far more effective the second time around. We've learned valuable, hard earned lessons about what works and doesn't work. We understand how to maximize customer engagement, reduce abandoned shopping carts, improve customer sign-ups, reduce customer bail-out rates, entice larger and more frequent purchases, and improve long term value (LTV) while lowering customer acquisition costs (CAC).

Crowdfunding has become a more commonly used and effective way to raise funds for startups, test or fund the development of new products, or simply capitalize on new marketing platforms. Kickstarter is now over 10 years old and there are numerous specialized crowdfunding platforms for more specific purposes.

Our team has 6 successful crowdfunding campaigns under our belt and we have studied and analyzed this sector for nearly a decade. We can help you decide which crowdfunding platform is the best fit, help you design and/or run your campaigns, and give you the best chance for success.

Emerging High Tech and Internet Opportunities - What's coming next? What type of tech or internet developments will work for your business? What changes are coming that will impact your business positively or negatively? What are your competitors doing that you should be doing? What customer expectations must you meet in order to keep their business?

We have lived and breathed technology and the internet for 30 years. We keep a close eye on the latest trends and technologies to assist our clients in deciding if something is a good fit for their business. Many of these technologies we are using ourselves. We can be your sounding board to decide if a new technology will work for your business, or help you with implementation. It is difficult for most businesses to follow these developments when they have their own business to run. We can help your business avoid empty hype and vaporware while making sure you don't miss out on the next big thing.