Breakout Games


Provided game design, ecommerce analysis/audit, website design, database management and repair, market research, writing, cybersecurity consulting, and other services.

"We've really enjoyed our partnership with Michael and the team at Virtual Keystone. Since the beginning they have worked hard to understand all aspects of our business. They also have the unique ability to offer creative ideas AND put in the work to help us implement those solutions." - Jeremiah Sizemore, Breakout Games

Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen


Developed their new customer loyalty program, ecommerce analysis/audit, and cybersecurity consulting.

Billings Law Firm


Taught cybersecurity/social engineering workshop to their firm and other internet/tech consulting.

Quinn Emanuel


Provided expert testimony and prior art in a patent infringement case brought by a non-practicing entity. Our assistance directly resulted in an immediate resolution of the case in favor of Quinn Emanuel's clients.

KY Department of Homeland Security / US Department of Homeland Security


Identifying and Combating Social Engineering Vulnerabilities and Threats. Presented research and analysis for the Cyber Threat Working Group which includes KY Office of Homeland Security, US Department of Homeland Security, the US Army, and numerous companies, universities, and police departments throughout the state of Kentucky.

Trion Worlds


Partnered with Trion Worlds in the creation of their Glyph storefront and platform. Consulted on gamification aspects of the store to provide additional rewards to customers who purchased digital games.



Consulted on microtransactions, F2P implementation, and game design for their mobile games Flower Town and Flower Vale.

KSTC / Kentucky Space


Consulted with KSTC / Kentucky Space about the concept of a game design that would involve a small orbital satellite platform or a constellation of satellites.

Eastern Kentucky University


Michael Hartman currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Computer Science Department.