The Psychology Of Fortnite’s Battle Pass

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Interesting article that digs into the psychology behind a recent use of F2P by Fortnite.

The Psychology Of Fortnite’s Battle Pass

Endowed Progress Effect:

This is something called the “endowed progress effect.” We tend to want to complete goals that we feel we’ve made progress towards, and clever companies capitalize on this by endowing us with some free progress right off the bat.

Artificial Scarcity:

We tend to desire things more when we feel they’re dwindling or unavailable. This is a maxim of social and consumer psychology that shows up in studies on scarcity and related topics like psychological reactance where we want something if we think it’s going to be taken away from us.

Fortnite does this through its Seasons system. These limited time seasons provide clean breaks where the developers can start and end special community events or themes, but by tying Battle Passes to seasons it also creates scarcity.


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